• Arabella Thaïs

Costa Rica: Paradise Found

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

I remember, I remember when I was young – the bougainvillea hanging lazily over a whitewashed wall, an explosion of fuchsia silhouetted against the dusk-drawn sky. I remember the reassuring rumble of the ocean in the distance, the lambent glory of the evening star, and the smell of dry pine on the ground: a transient moment pricked with eternity. I had that sense of infinite possibility; that sense of limitless potential.

Do you know that feeling? Have you experienced that sensation, that vibration of Being? It is, in many ways, the sensation that I live for – the sensation that I seek. And when I discover it (it cannot be forced or contrived, only discovered – only stumbled upon with eager delight), then I harvest it; I collect it, carefully, lovingly – Saffron, hand-picked from the crocus – to store it in my psyche; a feeling to call upon when the darkness comes.

There is a reason I am telling you this.

You see, I have never experienced this sensation as much as I do here – in Costa Rica, in the remote surfing village that I now call my home. It is replete with these moments, these moments of Being. I believe there is a fundamental connection between such moments and the sensation of warmth. There is something deeply liberating about the feeling of wild, warm air – of honeyed limbs kissed by the sun; of skin caressed by a warm and balmy breeze. It is nurturing, soothing and enlivening, all at once. The tropical warmth allows one’s consciousness to roam free; to expand beyond the borders of one’s own mind, of one’s own skull, and intermingle with the planetary consciousness that brims and bristles within nature.

Yes, the tropical warmth – the air thick with the scent of jasmine and jacaranda, a hummingbird suspended over a Hibiscus bloom, and the echoing boom of a Howler monkey’s call – the Jungle’s sonic vibration. The seasons here are also inverted – not like the inversion that exists between the North and South Hemispheres – more like the topsy-turvy inversion that Alice experiences when she falls down the Rabbit Hole. As the dry season reaches its peak, leaves begin to fall. I noticed pink blossom and yellowed leaves streaming through the air, and the trees emptying themselves while the heat only ramped up. It were as if mid-June and late October had been rolled into one. Having grown up in England, which is governed by the turn of four distinct seasons, suddenly I experienced reality through an entirely new lens.

To live here is to lean into this truth: that epiphany resides within the everyday, and eternity in an instant. The mundane is elevated to the transcendent – monotonous chores morph into flow states, imbued with brilliance and delight.

Pachamama breathes here. I am certain that the reason I feel so goddamn well is because I am attuned to the frequency of the Earth, unpolluted with toxic EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies). Yes, I am swaying to the cosmic rhythms. The harmony of nature has permeated my cells. I am entangled with the songs of the sun and the moon, with the rhythm of the tides and the thunderstorms that come and light up the night sky. Gaia’s intelligence reaches out and seeps into every pore – feeding me with the manna of ancestral wisdom, she teaches me things, she tells me things – not in human language, but a language altogether more ancient, more poetic, and utterly silent.

Costa Rica has touched me in such a way that I’ll never be the same again. Like great poetry, it moves a person. I fell in love with this country the way one falls in love with a person: a falling sensation; a movement into the deep recesses of one’s heart.

Costa Rica - te amo. You are my Paradise Found.

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