• Arabella Thaïs

Infinite Courage

"The future will be created by those who have the courage to create it..."

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It takes courage to do things differently; to move out of one’s own comfort zone. It takes courage to make changes, take action, and evolve. For us, as human beings, to move out of our collective comfort zone will take tremendous courage indeed. However – I believe that the power of courage is infinite. I believe that this power resides within each and every one of us, and that it has no limits.

When one dissects the anatomy of courage, what becomes clear is this: courageousness is not so much the absence of fear, but the mastery of it. To have courage is to feel the fear – to honour it and acknowledge it – and to go ahead anyway, in the face of it. The etymology tells us that ‘courage’ derives from the medieval French ‘corage’, meaning ‘heart as the seat of emotions’, which in turn comes from the Latin, ‘cor’, meaning ‘heart’.

Isn’t courage, then, about wholeheartedness? I would suggest that to act courageously is to bring the wisdom and strength of your whole heart to whatever you do. Yes – courage is to move, to think, feel, intend, and act fromthis space. From this place. Indeed – what could and would the world look like, if this were the case? If infinite courage prevailed? If every human word and deed came from the heart?

It is courage that calls to us – from where, we do not know – but it calls with a voice like no other. The call to courage is deep. It is profound. It reminds us that we have the power to transmute and transform whatever may have befallen us – that we can use difficult circumstances to accelerate our own growth.

In the words of Erwin Raphael: ‘The future will be created by those who have the courage to create it. A better world will happen only if we find the strength and energy to give our lives to it.’ And it is true. A better world will come from the people courageous enough to go where angels fear to tread – into their own shadow, and into the collective darkness, too. Because to go there – into the caverns of our psyche – to dance with the

demons within the depths of our shame, our agony, our suffering, and our capacity for evil – this requires tremendous bravery and courage indeed. It will require the power of our whole hearts.

It all begins by believing that it is possible. That takes courage, too – the simple act of imagining – having hope, having faith for a better future, and being willing to put the work in to achieve it. Without courage, we shrink in fear. We diminish and contract. But with the power of infinite courage we expand, we evolve and we flourish.

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