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I'm Arabella 

I am an integral philosopher, writer, public speaker, and educator. 

believe in the power and potential of humanity. 


The intentional evolution of human consciousness - and the subsequent possibility to create systemic change on this planet - is the central tenet underpinning all that I do. 


My approach is informed by chaos theory, aesthetics, ontology, cosmology, and poetry.


Please see the 'About' section to find out more about me.

Image by Damian Denis

Every single problem that exists on Earth is a problem of human consciousness. 

The fate of our species hangs in the balance



There is but one solution:

the Evolution of Mind itself

'The artist’s task is to save the soul of mankind; and anything less is a dithering while Rome burns. Because of the artists, who are self-selected, for being able to journey into the Other, if the artists cannot find the way, then the way cannot be found.'

- Terence McKenna

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