Hello, I'm Arabella. I thought about writing this bio in the third person, but abandoned it immediately. It felt too neat; too orderly, somehow. And I am far from that. So, here goes –

I am a writer, philosopher, speaker, host of the Sacred Wisdom podcast. I am originally from London, and I currently live between England and California, after spending three transformative years in the jungles of Costa Rica.

It is the big questions that interest me the most: questions around the meaning of existence, the nature of consciousness, and our collective evolution. Synthesising academic disciplines and creative mediums excites me, as does bringing together visionary, impact-driven people, because of the potential that lies therein.

Please read on to find out more about my areas of focus.


Writer   Poetess  Academic 


As a writer, I focus mainly on essays - long and short form, poetic and academic. I write poetry, including spoken-word performance, and am in the process of writing a non-fiction book that explores the meaning of existence, and presents an alternative narrative for the human story. 

My academic background is English Literature. I have a First Class Degree from Bristol University, and a Master's from University College London. I am currently a PhD candidate in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness at The California Institute of Integral Studies, in San Francisco. My research seeks to provide substantive evidence of cosmic consciousness. I am synthesising  mathematics, poetry and quantum physics in order to do this. I recently presented my thesis at the annual conference held by The Society for Chaos Theory. 


I argue that literature is just as important as mathematics and science in our quest for understanding the fundamental nature of the universe.



Speaker   Educator

While in Costa Rica, I regularly taught seminars on topics such as the meaning of Becoming, my aforementioned academic research, as well as aesthetics and the role of art in the evolution of consciousness.

I held bi-monthly in-person and online Salons of Ideas on high-level subject matter spanning Jungian psychology to quantum gravity.

As a speaker, I appear on podcasts and speak on the topic of consciousness, poetics and ontology. My own podcast is called Sacred Wisdom. It examines the meaning of Sacredness and explores many of the ideas I have articulated.



Eternal Optimism. If we don't at least try for utopia, what's the point... 


The Power of Education. Because education facilitates

emancipation. It needs to be excellent, coherent, and integrative - if we can implement this, we will activate the potential of our species.

Systemic Reform. All our systems are broken, and they are all entangled. Therefore everything requires re-modelling.

Female Empowerment. The patriarchy has had a devastating impact on us all, and it urgently needs to be dissolved. Women must be liberated, educated and empowered. We - men and women - must all help each other heal. 

The Time is Now. I believe that Humanity is on the threshold of a whole new phase of existence, and it's looking good. But it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. 

Consciousness is All. I maintain that consciousness is the most pressing  issue of our time. A deeper understanding of consciousness will allow us to overcome all of our problems. Because this deeper understanding will necessitate an evolution of mind itself. And that is the key.