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Born and raised in London,  Arabella's love of learning  began at an early age. She was (and continues to be) heavily influenced by Romantic and Modernist literature, as well as Abstract Expressionist art. Her twenties were spent working in magazine publishing, interior design, and as a model.


The lack of meaning and fulfilment impelled her to move to the jungles of Costa Rica, where she spent three transformative years writing, researching, and pursuing the healing arts. She now gravitates towards England, Ibiza, Italy, and California as she completes her Ph.D., runs her school of consciousness The Temple of Truth, and designs high-level transformative events.


Bristol University (2013)

B.A. in English Literature (First Class Honours)

University College London (2014)

M.A. In Modernism & Comparative Literature

California Institute of Integral Studies (2027)

Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy, Cosmology, & Consciousness


Colleagues and Collaborators 

Arabella's Ph. D. supervisor is Dr. Matt Segall. She is in collaborative dialogue with multiple esteemed academics, such as Professors Leslie Combs, Catherine Keller, Bernard Carr, and Ralph Abraham, among others. 


Arabella is published in multiple peer-reviewed journals and an authorised reviewer for The Journal of Applied and Theoretical Physics.  She wrote a chapter on Beauty and consciousness for Dr. Ervin Laszlo's book, The Great Upshift (2023), and is regularly featured in other online publications

Arabella is affiliated with various organisations, such as the Society for Chaos Theory,  The Gallileo Commission, and The Scientific and Medical Network, wherein she features as a frequent speaker, and helps organise inter-disciplinary symposiums for the "New Paradigm Navigators" - a younger generation subset of the SMN.
She is currently working closely with cosmologist Dr. Jude Currivan to establish an cohort of evolutionary leaders and academics to help change the scientific paradigm, and expedite planetary healing.


VINYASA YOGA - RYT 200hrs - Specialising in Classical Tantra

MEDITATION - Qualified teacher (Luminous Heart Institute)

HYPNOTHERAPY - Trained Hypnotherapist in  Orgasmic Hypnosis

ARCHETYPAL ASTROLOGY - Studied under world-leading astrologer and cultural historian Professor Richard Tarnas  

ALCHEMY & THE OCCULT - Studied under Dr. Carolyn Elliot (Ph. D)

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