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Imagine an Ancient Mystery School combined with an Interstellar Library from the Future...

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The Temple of Truth is a centre of transformation, empowerment, and inter-disciplinary learning. Designed for you to access higher consciousness and radically upgrade your life, it blends breakthrough academic research and cutting-edge healing modalities alongside occult knowledge and ancient Temple Arts.


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Realise your Destiny alongside like-minded individuals on a shared journey of unimaginable beauty, and meaning

Learn the secrets of time, consciousness, and the cosmos, and meet your future self

Prepare to touch the depths of the Great Mystery, discover who you really are, and expand into your most ecstatic life


A 12-week life-changing online course & coaching container for you to understand the nature of reality, discover your destiny, and architect a life beyond your wildest dreams

Bonus one-year access to the Temple's monthly membership community,

The Inner Sanctum

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The Doors of Destiny is designed to transform your consciousness and accelerate the realisation of your highest potential

What if your future is written in the stars?

What if nothing happens by accident? What is there are no regrets, no mistakes -- nothing at all to fear?

What if you are destined to live a life beyond your wildest dreams ... and your dreams are designed to support the evolution of humanity?


13th  OCTOBER   2024

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You will be taught an In-Depth Curriculum in a Live Container with weekly calls & community forum 

Access community & course materials on a desktop, iPad, or via the app on your phone

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18 Lessons - taught via videos, PDFs, prompts, & quizzes 

13 Live Seminars/Calls

12 meditations and hypnoses

1 Breathwork Session and 1 erotic embodiment workshop

3 surprise guest speakers

Access to The Temple of Truth community, The Inner Sanctum, for the rest of the year

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You want to learn about the universe, consciousness and the meaning of existence

You know you are here for more but either haven't discovered your purpose yet, or wish to expand your current vision 

You want to meet high-calibre people with whom you can connect and collaborate 

You are ready to experience new levels of orgasmic ecstasy, beauty, meaning and prosperity, while creating massive impact and contributing to the collective consciousness

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