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Image by Annie Spratt


Beauty is my jam. Not the cosmetic sort, the Cosmic sort - the sort of Beauty that Plato spoke about - aka THE TRUTH. I mean, why swim in shallow waters when you could dive into the big, deep blue? I propose this to be an intrinsically aesthetic cosmos, and that beauty will save the world. I also believe that if we are going to advance the frontiers of human understanding, we have to synthesise disciplines.


My research lies at the intersection of quantum mechanics, cosmology, chaos theory, literature, aesthetics, higher-dimensional mathematics, ontology, and metaphysics. I am especially interested in the relationship between beauty and time, and seek to provide a new ontology of time that deconstructs the Second Law of Thermodynamics. I also seek to elevate the arts to the same epistemological status as maths and science since I posit, (like Friedrich Schelling), that art in its superlative expression is divine revelation. I presented on this at The Society of Chaos Theory (2021). 

The over-arching objective of my academic work is this: prove the existence of cosmic consciousness (i.e., God) and thus change the worldview.Is it ambitious? Definitely. Grandiose? Probably. 



I think this universe is fucking itself awake. Yes, I just said that. And yes I can draw on maths and physics to back it up. 


Ero-aesthetics is an integral theory I have developed that examines that relationship between eros and beauty. It offers a framework for understanding reality, and the nature of different dimensions - specifically the "ero-aesthetic" dimension - which I argue is the next level up in this cosmic video game, and is inherently psychedelic in character. 

This is a big topic, but it is intimately connected with fire and entropy, freedom and femininity, curves and complexity, cats, crystals and Kundalini, as well as quantum mechanics, fluid dynamics, vaginas and the void. The time of the Great Cosmic Mother is back, baby.  


The Play part is simple - I postulate a ludic universe - that it's all just a game, and we are players. This whole thing is like a big cosmic wink, and what we need, pronto, is a healthy dose of irreverence, joy and light-heartedness. 

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