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 Arabella's  research lies at the intersection of quantum mechanics, cosmology, chaos theory, literature, aesthetics, higher-dimensional mathematics, ontology, and metaphysics. She proposes this to be an intrinsically aesthetic cosmos, and -- in the words of Italian poet, Dante -- that, "Beauty will save the world".  Her work is underscored by the belief that we absolutely must synthesise disciplines and adopt a holistic worldview if we are to advance the frontiers of human understanding.



More specifically, Arabella's thesis is the relationship between beauty and time. She seeks to provide a new ontology of time that deconstructs the Second Law of Thermodynamics and proves time to be both retro-causal and hyper-dimensional. In line with this is her proposal for a "cosmo-aesthetic" Theory of Everything, which unites time, cosmos, and mind, and establishes a new physics of consciousness.

Watch Arabella's Keynote on Beauty & Utopia for The Gallileo Commission here

Listen to Arabella talking about Non-Linear Time in an interview here



 "Depth Cosmology" is a term Arabella has coined for to newly expanded, holistic kind of cosmology - one that coalesces all branches of physics along with other disciplines -- from poetry and poetics to astrology, cultural history mythology, philosophy, consciousness studies, and beyond.


Building on the kind of paradigmatic leap that occurred with the development of "Depth Psychology", Depth Cosmology proposes a novel kind of physics -- one which treats the cosmos for what it is ----> A  MIND

Read her article on Depth Cosmology for Kosmos Journal here
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